“You can’t own anything 100%”


Reaching the highest (GOAT) status ever is not an easy task. In basketball, many claim that Michael Jordan is a goat. Serena Williams can be considered a tennis goat, but when it comes to this music, especially hip-hop, many suggest that Jay-Z holds the title.

Since “reasonable doubt” in 1996 Sean Carter He gave the world some top hits that pushed his superstar status to the rooftop.A native in New York could take advantage of all of his success and become important Investors and businessmen. But his view of ownership can be shocking.

It’s all about perspective

In a recent interview Kevin Hart In his show “Hart to Heart,” comedians talked about topics with big names, from music to business. In addition, at some point, the “99 Problems” rapper gave us insight into his thinking about ownership.

With reference to Steve Jobs, Rapper said the former CEO had only about a percent of the company’s stake at the time of his death. Many consider this to be minimal, but it was worth a ton when compared to the value of the company. By the way, Jay-Z seems to have a similar view.

“We are trained to find out what percentage of what you own … it’s not what you own. You can’t own 100% of anything,” he explained. ..

To disassemble it, he mentioned a partnership with LVMH And how the group helped move his champagne business forward.

“I owned 100%. You can say,” I want to own 100% of this thing, “or I own 50%, and … I can push further,” Hov said. I explained further.

Based on interviews, the three fathers seem to make decisions based on what is appropriate for their particular situation.And in all that he Create wealth And the heritage inherited by his children.

Ownership of creativity

Also, in the conversation, Jay-Z provided a subtle perspective. About ownership — His creativity. Kevin Hart asked how to stick to someone else’s work.

“It’s mostly about the relationship,” replied Jay-Z. “It’s almost — it was almost always a relationship in practice. Sometimes it’s a talent and sometimes someone asks me to participate in something.”

Well, you have it.