“You just made 6 months of my rent”

    (TikTok / @ninaanngelina)

(TikTok / @ninaanngelina)

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Nina going by username @ninaanngelina At TikTok, I took my followers while recording a shift at a club in Scottsdale, Arizona. The waitress frequently posts about her work and captions her video as “Bottle Girl vlog”. In one video, which is currently played over 6 million times, Nina recorded an astonishing amount of money in a single check.

The shift began at 10 am when Nina and her colleagues began to fill the plastic beer cups to the edge. In the poolside cabana, Nina was assigned to only two tables in the section. But, as she showed in the video, it didn’t prevent her from getting $ 1,800 chips in one tab and $ 3,000 in another tab.

“My day as #bottlegirl in #scottsdale 2nd week,” she captioned the video.

It’s unclear how much hint Nina could get for herself, but the internet was still overwhelmed by a shocking amount.

“I’m in the wrong profession,” commented shocked TikToker.

“Sorry, I just graduated from nursing school … I just see you doing this,” commented another TikTok user.

One shared, “You only earned six months’ worth of my rent.”

Many viewers also asked Nina how she landed the job of a bottle service waitress and wondered if they could submit an application.Nina answered their question in a follow-up video..

She explained that she landed at the Maya Day Club in Scottsdale after being introduced by a current employee. Nina suggested that employee nominations are the best way to get a job as a bottle service waitress, given that it is a “highly sought after” position.

“But if you still don’t know anyone in the industry, it’s a good idea to print your resume and meet in person, dressed nicely so that you can meet you in the week, not on a busy weekend,” she said. Advised. “Maybe they even time it just before a big holiday weekend when they may need to hire more people.”

Last April, Hooters Waitress From Florida she went viral on TikTok after showing how much money she was making with hints from one shift. With over 10 million views, this video counted a total of $ 382 earned on the Hooters shift from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

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