“You know who I am, right?” Fort Worth city council member says during the arrest of drunk driving

Carrie Moon, a Fort Worth city council member and candidate for the Texas House, told Burleson police that he had once served as the mayor of Fort Worth and called on the police chief on suspicion of being drunk when he was arrested in October 2020. did.

“You know who I am, right?” He later said after saying that police officers were supposed to have a blood test on the moon with the power of a warrant.

Burleson police arrested Moon shortly after 2:30 am on October 17. In June 2020, he did not challenge driving while he was drunk and was sentenced to 18 months of probation. Since then he has been accused of violating probation And a hearing on a motion to cancel it is scheduled for February.

“My drunk driving from 2020 has been a well-known public issue for over a year and a half,” Moon said in a statement on Friday. “I talk to people every day about drunk driving. I got messed up. It made me better. I plead guilty to the prosecution and take responsibility for personal failure and legal consequences. ..

“Never, failure did not affect my ability to be an effective member of the Fort Worth City Council, nor did it affect my ability to be an effective member of the Texas House. 2021. In May, after drunk driving, I was gracefully reelected and won a 25% victory. My friends, family and neighbors were kind. I made corrections and understood the legal implications. I am grateful for their trust in doing so. “

Moon wasn’t watching the video when Star Telegram arrived, and later made a written statement.

In the video, you can hear the policeman saying that the moon “ran through the curb.” A police spokesperson at the time said The councilor was driving South Dobson Street and did not stop completely at the stop sign. His truck hit a curb, ran through the grass, and returned to the road. When the policeman pulled him, he hit the curb again.

In an arrest video obtained by Star Telegram through an open record request, Moon with a blurred face seems to have a hard time understanding the instructions for the field drinking test.

“Serious people, please, talk to me for two seconds,” he said when asked to ride a police car.

“I quit my job,” Moon added immediately. “I’m not that bad.”

“No one said you were bad,” the officer replied.

“Please, come, I was the mayor of Fort Worth,” he said. A few seconds later, Moon said, “I didn’t do this.”

Moon is not the mayor, but has represented District 4 since being elected to the city council in 2015. He is the second longest member after the acting mayor, Gyna Bivens. His district includes the area within Loop 820 and extends far north of Fort Worth.

During the dialogue, Moon asks law enforcement agencies for water and calls Billy Cordell, Chief of Police at Burleson. He says he’s not a threat, and officials say he doesn’t believe he’s alone, but the moon hasn’t heard.

“I’m completely listening to people, and I’m in full compliance,” Moon said.

While preparing for a blood test, Moon asks him if he needs a lawyer and if he is recorded. He confirmed that the interaction was recorded.

A few minutes later, Moon, a video recorded from another angle, asks, “And what if I refuse?”

“You have already refused, that’s why we have a warrant,” said the officer.

“Did I already refuse?” Moon said.

“You refused,” said the officer. “Do you remember saying,’Are you sure you want to draw blood?’ Behind the car? And you said you didn’t. So I … present all the facts to the judge. She signed a warrant stating that she would come to get your blood. So now you are being forced. “

“Are you in Johnson County?” Moon said.


“You know who I am, right?”

“I know who you are, Sir,” said the officer.

According to court documents, Moon has been accused of breaking the conditions of probation by drinking alcohol, not undergoing urinalysis, failing to complete community service, and leaving the state without permission. A hearing on the motion to cancel was set on January 18th in Johnson County, but was pushed on February 22nd. Online court records show.

Moon is running for House District 93, where Republican Fort Worth Rep. Matt Krause, who is running for Tarrant County District Attorney, is seated. Moon faces two enemies in the Republican primary. Former Southlake Mayor Laura Hill and Nate Shutsline, the founder of the organization For Liberty & Justice.

In a recent candidate forum, Moon Worked on a motion to revoke his probation. In his comments at the event, he maintained hand sanitizers and mouthwashes and explained the high readings of the ignition interlock device ordered by the court. Moon told Star Telegram that the “only thing” he is currently violating is traveling outside the state to pick up first responders for the 9/11 ceremony.

A representative of the county law firm said the office would not normally comment on the proceedings in dispute.