You never think that lie Putin came up with now


Maxim Shemetov

Maxim Shemetov

Russia’s major economic event, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF, ending on weekends), served as another reflection of the location of national change in the world. Western investors who attended an event called “Russia’s Davos” in the last few years were noticeably absent after Russia invaded Ukraine and was greatly shunned by the international community. Similarly, there are no foreign moderators.This year’s SPIEF was moderated by Margarita Simonyan,Editor-in-chief Controversial Media Outlet RT (Formerly known as Russia Today).

At the beginning of June, Putin spokesman Simon Yang was discussed about being selected for that role. Dmitry Peskov Said TASS: “The sanity of many prominent Western reporters is now questioning … they are all just crazy … Margaritas [Simonyan] A world-class reporter and media manager. So for us, she leaves the journalist in the dust internationally, so it’s her moderator. “

Fresh from the event, Simon Yang appeared in Sunday night with Vladimir Solobyov, Erupted about her recent meeting with Putin and spewed out a new fablist story about what Russia seems to be doing in Ukraine. Program organizer Vladimir Solobyov asked Simonyan for details of the meeting with Russian authoritarians before and after the forum. She laughed and argued. She said, “Of course, I can’t tell you everything about it publicly. I’ll whisper to your ears later.”

Solobyov hinted that Simonyan might have given Putin himself some advice. They get information from everywhere: official sources, informal sources, war correspondents, people in place, this is very important. “

In the best traditions of Soviet and North Korean propagandists, RT She began her soliloquy by praising Putin’s excellent health, insatiable stamina, unwavering self-confidence, and cheerful propensity.

Team Putin “Lynch Trump” panicked at the hearing on January 6th

She argued that the most frequently requested question that the average Russian wanted to ask the Russian president was simple. As soon as possible. Angry and clenching her fist, Simon Yang shouted: Where are those red lines? She describes Putin’s reaction as follows:

Simonyan argued that one of Putin’s reasons for not bombing more violently in major cities was a fairly practical reason. Indeed, our people are there! They are our future city! Obvious … this is our land and our people. You will need to restore it later. “

After years of secret talks with Putin, Simonyan has promoted the idea of ​​armed intervention in Russia’s neighbors in a dramatically different iteration of what other countries in the world are witnessing. Appeared. She completely denied that Russia was engaged in war or special operations in Ukraine. Instead, she claimed that Simonyan had a civil war and Russia simply stood on the side of the Russians.

The head of RT will do his best to sell an incredible story that combines the denial of the Ukrainian genocide as people with the complete rejection of ideas that may be fighting to protect their homeland. I did. Regarding one of the videos she recently watched on Ukrainian POWs, Simonyan said: “A surrendered soldier of the Ukrainian army was sitting. His face was completely Russian and completely Russian. No one knew who he was. He is Russian. Big blue eyes, blonde hair and capitulation. He said, “I was mobilized under forced enlistment.” We need to understand, not all of them are there at their own free will. Simonyan, who often claims that Russian troops are in Ukraine fighting for his homeland, ridiculously denied that such a concept could be applied to Ukrainians fighting in their lands.

Simon Yang, speaking with the prisoners of war in the video, insisted: He does not have the military patriotism of defending his homeland. He fully understands that he is not a defender of his homeland, but he is in the interests of someone else who has nothing to do with himself. He couldn’t care where he ended up living. His village near Donetsk, Belgorod, or his hometown of Kieu. “

Regarding those who fight the Russian army and oppose the Russian invasion, Simonyan said: DPR [the supposed Donetsk People’s Republic].. “

In addition to claiming the killing of Ukrainians who resist Russian invasion, including prisoners of war, Simonyan acknowledges their very existence as people in any context, except for being Russian or anti-Russian. I refused to do that. She said. “It is clear to everyone that there is no war between Russia and Ukraine. This is not a special operation against the Ukrainian army. This is a Ukrainian civil war. Ukraine, which is Russophobes and is synonymously anti-Russian. Some of the people are fascists anti-Jewish and are destroying another part of their people in exactly the same way. Russia is merely supporting one of these war parties. Why this? A particular aspect? It’s obvious because they are Russians. They are our people. And beyond, they are anti-Russians. That’s all. “

Simonyan realized that it was impossible to successfully sell this ridiculous explanation to the Western audience, and if Russian state media abroad continued to operate unabated, Americans and Europeans would favor Ukraine. I speculated that they would believe in Russia’s alternative portrayal of the attacks and election opportunities of their leaders. The approval rate drops from 20-30% to zero. Simon Yang sighed and speculated: RT When Sputnik.. “

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