“You should never see it happen again to other Americans.”

Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene will speak at a press conference in front of the Capitol in Washington, DC, USA on April 28, 2022.

Congressman Marjorie Taylor GreeneNathan Posner / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

  • Trevor Reed spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Friday about his release from Russian detention.

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene postponed voting for a resolution calling for freedom of leads last year.

  • Reed criticized Green, who said he was “embarrassed.”

US Marine Corps Trevor Reed has recently been released from Russian detention after spending about 1000 days in Russia, accusing Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene of blocking a vote on a resolution calling for release.

“I’m grateful for voting against a bill that was solely aimed at getting American political prisoners out of Russia,” Reed ironically said. During a CNN interview with Jake Tapper.

Resolution, H. Res. Introduced in March 186, 2021 A few days before the lead hearing in a Russian court.. However, Green protested President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus package and demanded a roll-call vote. This delayed voting for Reed’s resolution.

“How do you justify it? It’s embarrassing for anyone on behalf of the United States to vote against it … it’s like that. I’m sure Russians love it. Fans of all the members of the Diet. “

Reed also called the action “totally unacceptable.”

“And I should never see other Americans that it never happens again,” Reed said.

Reed’s father, Joey Reed, also shot Green, calling those who opposed the resolution “the little idiot group” and asking if he “voted for Putin.”

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is not our representative,” said Joey Reed.

The reeds have raised their voice in their criticism.They said Marines No lobbying to free their son.They also said they weren’t “Thanks” for the lack of support from Senator Ted Cruz..

Trevor Reed was detained in Moscow in 2019. He was convicted of attacking Russian police. He is reported to have suffered while staying in a Russian prison. Ribs break When Catch COVID-19..

He was released as part on April 27 Prisoner exchange Between Russia and the United States. Reed was exchanged for Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who was convicted of drug smuggling.

Representatives of the Reeds and Marjorie Taylor Greene did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

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