You will feel this as the Ukrainian war is imminent, Biden tells the Americans

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Joe Biden’s speech sounded like closing arguments. It has been sharpened for some time, suggesting that Russia’s expectations for the White House to take military action remain high.

Biden briefly nodded to Moscow’s withdrawal allegations Before suddenly contradicting themRaise the US estimate of the number of troops surrounding Ukraine in a “threatening position” to 150,000.

It was a kind of speech usually given on the eve of serious action, usually military action, to prepare the expectations of the people. Biden spoke directly to the Americans and told them they wouldn’t “pretend to be painless” and would feel it with a petrol pump. He promised that his administration would do what he could to mitigate it.

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The president also tried to speak above Putin to ordinary Russians, who had little to hear from their own media about the deployment of unprecedented soldiers around Ukraine. Biden spoke with Ukrainians about their “deep connection between family history and culture” and warned that the war would undermine the country’s reputation in history books. The world “will not forget that Russia chose unnecessary death and destruction,” he said.

He said the United States would continue to negotiate on mutual security concerns and would continue to negotiate “as long as there was hope” in diplomacy, but he stuck to the position of the United States, Ukraine and other states. Select their alliance.

Earlier that day, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized that Ukrainian membership would not happen in the foreseeable future, but Biden did not echo the memorandum of reconciliation. The United States has already concluded that such verbal guarantees are not sufficient for Putin.

The speech is part of what seems to be the administration’s very cautious policy of thinking out loud about the crisis and consistently explaining its worse fears, even if it means worsening Kiev’s allies. did. The logic seems to be: I don’t know what Putin will do, but I know he likes to control the story and bring surprises. So why not create an environment of worst-case predictions, where the only way Russian leaders will surprise the West is to choose peace.

Biden’s Last Declaration-“If you don’t support the freedom at risk today, you’ll definitely pay a lot tomorrow.”-The withdrawal of the US embassy and the retreat of US diplomats to the western end of the country. However, the United States continues to supply weapons, and in that regard, it is reportedly preparing to continue to flow weapons to the Ukrainian rebels.

The administration is well aware that it is portrayed as vulnerable to the way it left Afghanistan.

But Biden lost confidence in the US mission there long ago, and he truly believes in NATO. He used the word “sanctuary” to describe America’s obligations to its allies. It was a word that deliberately resonated. Biden is clearly aware that this could turn out to be the decisive test of his presidency.

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