You will regret the accusations of Chaney, Kinzinger

Former Governor of Montana and former Republican National Convention chairman Marc Racicot told current RNC chairman Ronna McDaniel on Sunday that the committee will have GOP members Liz Cheney (Wyoming) and Adam Kinzinger (Wyoming). I wrote a public letter stating that I regret blaming (Illinois). For participation in the House Select Committee on January 6th.

Rashicot wrote in his letter, Billings gazetteI never imagined that the committee he once chaired would “rebuke and abandon” the two Republicans for “performing the parliamentary missions assigned with honor and integrity.”

Early February, RNC Voted to formally condemn Chaney and Kinzinger, The only Republican in the House Panel investigating the January 6 Parliamentary riots. The resolution accused the two lawmakers of participating in “persecution of civilians engaged in legitimate political discourse” by attending the committee.

Rashicot, who chaired the RNC from 2001 to 2003, countered such characterization, noting the Commission’s stated purpose of investigating the circumstances that led to the attack on the Capitol. He wrote to McDaniel that it would be difficult for him to confront her and her committee in this way, but she felt she had to do what she could to “protect our democracy and way of life.” Said that.

“Based on my decades of involvement in Republican politics, my intuition is that you and other members of the RNC will regret passing the RNC resolution if you haven’t done so yet. I’ll tell you, “Racicot said.

“The incendiary and acting RNC resolution may have advanced the threat accused of being created by Cheney and Kinzinger, a reduction in the chances of success in the 2022 Republican elections.” “

Note that he told McDaniel and RNC that they were organized by “standards of dignity, honesty, honor, and loyalty for the best interests of the Republic,” rather than party affiliations. I advised you to do it.

According to Rashicot, many Republicans who are “less dangerous than those who broke the Capitol” want a return to “simple, timeless and lasting values.” He urged McDaniel to withdraw and dismiss the RNC’s resolution condemning Chainy and Kinzinger.

“We urge you to pursue this remedy, knowing that we are humans, politics is a competitive company, and sometimes we make mistakes,” he said. Wrote. “But I also believe in such a situation. The ultimate measure of our character is whether we have the insight and courage to humbly and honestly fix them.”

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