“You’re lucky to be spared by a judge” is a Maserati driver thinking in jail for 3-9 years


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A man arrested after a Tesla camera captured a gradual clash in Louisiana

According to officials in Slidell, Louisiana, Tesla’s camera was arrested for tampering with police reports after capturing him in an accident. The video was released by the Slider police station, which said it was shot on September 3. Identified by police as Arthur Bates Jr., he fell behind the vehicle and lay on the ground. According to police, Bates called 911 to report that Tesla had attacked him and fled the scene. The man suffered back, leg and neck injuries, the dispatcher said he had sent an ambulance and fire engine to the location, and police determined he had lied about the incident after Bates found the driver and checked Tesla’s camera footage. He said he did. Police said Bates had confessed to tampering with the report and was arrested for “a false oath intended for emergency response.”Credit: Slidell Police Station via Storyful