YouTube blocks RT, other Russian channels from earning advertising

After the invasion of Ukraine, YouTube on Saturday banned Russian state media RTs and other Russian channels from receiving money for advertising performed on their videos, similar to Facebook’s move.

In a statement, YouTube quoted an “abnormal situation” as “suspending the ability of many channels to monetize on YouTube, including some Russian channels related to recent sanctions.” Stated. Ad placement is primarily controlled by YouTube.

According to YouTube spokesman Farshad Shadloo, videos from affected channels are also less frequently recommended. He added that “government requests” would make Ukraine inaccessible to RT and several other channels.

Ukraine’s Digital Minister Mihai Fedorov tweeted on Saturday and said he had contacted YouTube “to block Russian propaganda channels such as Russia 24, TASS and RIA Novosti.”

RT did not immediately respond to the request for comment. YouTube did not name the other channels it was restricting.

For years, lawmakers and some users have been concerned about disseminating false information to Alphabet Inc.’s Google-owned YouTube and not profiting from it, a channel related to the Russian government. I have asked you to take greater action.

Russia received an estimated $ 7 to $ 32 million from ads on 26 YouTube channels it supported in the two years to December 2018, digital researcher Omeras told Reuters at the time.

YouTube previously stated that it does not treat state-owned media channels that comply with the rules differently from other channels when it comes to sharing advertising revenue.

Facebook owner Meta Platforms Inc. banned Russian state media from advertising or monetizing its services anywhere in the world on Friday.

Palais Dave