YouTube Premium and Music now have 50 million subscribers together

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium

In just one and a half years since YouTube last showed off its subscribers to 20 million, the combined number of subscribers for YouTube Premium and Music has reached the milestone of 50 million. According to Lyor Cohen, head of YouTube’s music department, this is the “fastest-growing” music subscription service. Among them, Brazil, India, Japan, Russia and South Korea have grown the most “impressively”, but it does not provide any countries. Detailed subscriber data.

In comparison with other services, Spotify had 165 million Premium subscribers in June, and it is still the undoubted leader. The last time Apple provided Music subscribers was in June 2019. At that time, there were 60 million people, and now it must be more. Amazon had 55 million total users in January last year, but it is not clear how many paid.

Judging from these data, YouTube seems to be really good, but there is a huge “trap” in the data here-YouTube does not provide separate figures for YouTube Premium and Music, and does not know Premium users. How many are actually using its music service. There should be many people who subscribe to YouTube Premium just to avoid watching YouTube ads. Even if it includes the Music service, they may not actually use it. Therefore, there should be a lot less real Music subscribers. In addition, YouTube’s data actually includes “subscribers” who are still in free trials. This number will fluctuate with the launch of new mobile phones (many mobile phones provide free YouTube trials ranging from 2 to 4 months). A few months after the launch of the wave new phone, it will increase a bit, but it does not mean that YouTube Premium will be able to retain people after the trial period.

However, as long as the number of users of YouTube Music as a whole increases, it must be a big threat to Spotify and Apple Music. After all, YouTube’s dominance in the online video industry still seems difficult to be moved. There is no shortage of people who can transfer to music services.