YouTube Shorts officially landed in 100 markets including Hong Kong

YouTube Shorts


YouTube’s 15-second short video function Shorts, its creative editing tool was first tested in a beta mode in India in September last year, and thenExpanded to the U.S. in March, And expanded to Canada, the United Kingdom and a series of Latin American countries at the end of June, with a total of about 20. Now it seems that this TikTok competitor is ready to be launched more widely. It is launched by YouTube in 100 countries and regions, including Hong Kong. Of course, this refers to the part of the creation tools. There has always been no limit to viewing, but with so many potential creators added all at once, I will see the emergence of Shorts videos more often in the future.

Contrary to YouTube, TikTok is gradually lengthening the video and becoming more like YouTube. After several months of testing,TikTok started to open the video length from 60 seconds to 3 minutes in July, And the fundamental purpose of the two services is actually the same-by extending different video lengths, to reach out to different types of creators, and for creators, this can also bring a higher degree of freedom Right.

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