YouTube stars allow sending messages to underage boys

James Charles

James Charles

Cosmetology YouTuber James Charles has admitted to sending a sexually explicit message to two 16-year-old boys.

The age of consent in the United States is 18 years.

“I fully understand my behavior and how it’s wrong,” said a 21-year-old influencer. Video posted on his YouTube channel on Thursday..

The allegations against Charles were first revealed on social media earlier this year.

In February, an influencer with 25 million subscribers to the YouTube channel was accused of grooming by a teenager.

Charles denied the previous accusation, but he admitted cheating in a video titled “Responsible for himself” on Thursday.

He says there were two incidents (last year and recent) where he realized that the person he was exchanging messages with was a minor.

“These conversations should never have happened,” Charles said in a 14-minute video. He searched for them on other social media platforms and admitted that they could have been able to find their actual age.

He also publicly apologized to the boys and said he would stop posting on social media to “educate” himself on these issues.

‘I’m hopeless’

Scandals aren’t the first time beauty influencers have faced controversy.

2019, He was accused of using “Fame and money trying to manipulate someone’s sexuality,” he denied.

When addressing why he was “reckless” in past relationships, he said it was because he was “desperate.”

Charles promised to be more cautious about moving forward in a video he made to address the 2019 accusation.

But over time, he said in his latest video, “I started ignoring the danger signal again.”

He vowed to be more cautious in the future, ended the video and stopped treating social media accounts as dating apps.

YouTuber accusation

Criminal accusations (and approvals) of sexual misconduct by YouTuber are becoming more and more common.

2019, YouTube has removed the channel for singer Austin JonesAfter allowing him to exchange sexually explicit images and videos with a minor girl.

David Dobrick, one of YouTube’s top winners in 2020, recently had his channel Monetized by YouTube Following allegations of rape about a former associate.

Mr. Doblick denied cheating.

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