YouTuber attracted more than 216,000 viewers with a livestream plane trying to land at London’s Heathrow Airport in a record stormy wind.

British Airways airliners are suffering from strong winds as they approach Heathrow Airport in Longford, England on February 18, 2022. The Met Office has issued two rare red weather warnings today in southern and southwest England as Storm Eunice landed. Much of the rest of the UK has been warned of amber and yellow, with expected wind, rain and snow up to 100 mph. This is the worst storm that hit Britain in 30 years.  (Photo by Leon Neil / Getty Images)

A British Airways airliner attempted to land in a strong wind at Heathrow Airport in Longford, England, on February 18, 2022.Leon Neil / Getty Images

  • As a result of “Storm Eunice”, a strong wind of 122mph struck Britain on Friday.

  • The YouTube channel Big Jet TV is a livestreaming plane about to land at Heathrow Airport in London.

  • The stream surged on social media, with 202,000 viewers just before 1:00 pm. on Friday,

A YouTuber with a camera captivated a large audience on Friday with a live-streaming plane landing at Heathrow Airport in London, while a record storm breeze struck Britain.

The wind brought by Storm Eunice Reached a maximum of 122 mph On Friday, and the train was canceled in most of southern England. A “Red” warning to the wind First declared in London on Friday.

Jerry Dier, the operator of Big Jet TV’s YouTube channel, set up a camera around Heathrow Airport and live-streamed the plane about to land on Friday, with enthusiastic commentary.

The stream reached 216,000 live viewers around 1:20 pm local time on Friday, well above normal viewers.

Dier’s commentary on landing, which can be likened to a sports commentator, drove his channel to stardom. On British social media.

You can see the stream here.

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