YouTuber goes to an unbilled baggage store and a passenger buys a replacement for a lost item


Two women holding what they brought from the unclaimed baggage center.

Two women holding what they brought from the unclaimed baggage center.Getty Images

  • YouTuber posted a video titled “I bought my lost baggage and returned it to the owner.”

  • Hope Allen, known as HopeScope, purchased a lost item for his followers after making a callout.

  • This happens when travelers face flight cancellations, delays and luggage accidents this summer.

YouTuber went to an unbilled baggage store, bought a lost item and sent it back to the owner.

In the title video “I bought the lost baggage and returned it to the owner.” Well known as Hope Scope, Hope Allen finds abandoned accessories, expensive electronics, lost Louis Vuitton bags, and other items and sends them back to their original owners.

It comes as a passenger Faced with flight cancellation, Mishandling of luggageOr g mustFrom the plane you just got on..American Airlines also lost 12 years old at Miami Airport..

Allen, who has 1.8 million subscribers, asked about lost items and when. YouTuber Safiya Nygaard, known as a treasure hunter, took part in Allen’s quest to find these lost items.

In the video, Allen and Nygaard are looking for items such as scarves, blazers, sunglasses, hats and even Polaroid cameras.

Attempts to find lost items were not as successful as expected, so I was able to check the websites that sell unclaimed baggage and find more items.

They generally can’t find the exact item, so instead buy a similar replacement, such as Gucci sunglasses, for those who have lost a pair of Marc Jacobs.

She then sent them back to the owner who claimed to have lost them, asking for a response from the video. Most people seemed happy, if not exactly the same as what they lost.

Unbilled baggage stores are not operated by airlines that do not profit from the sale of unclaimed goods. When the bags are stored for about 60 days, the carrier will donate or sell them to the charity.

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