YouTuber pleads guilty to fake bank robbery

YouTube personalities Alan and Alec Stokes pose at the awards ceremony.

The twins Alex and Alan Stokes have over 6 million followers on YouTube.

Two YouTubers pleaded guilty to forging a bank robbery, and an unprotected Uber driver was shot by police.

24-year-old Alan and Alex Stokes, who have 6 million followers on the YouTube channel, filmed a series of bank robbers performing in 2019.

The twins in balaclavas pretended to use Uber as an escape vehicle.

A California judge sentenced the twins to a year of probation for community service and misdemeanor.

Each of them can face up to 5 years in prison for mischief.

Alan and Alec Stokes pretend to be a bank robber in a YouTube video.

YouTuber wore black and had a bag that seemed to contain banknotes in the prank video.

In one video, the brothers wore black and called Uber with a bag that appeared to be packed with banknotes.

When they got into the car, the Uber driver, who was unaware of the mischief, refused to drive them.

Witnesses believed that the two men had just robbed a bank and were trying to carjack an Uber driver.

Police arrived and ordered the Uber driver to point his gun at him and leave.

“These crimes are likely to result in someone being seriously injured or killed,” said Todd Spitzer, District Attorney for Orange County.

“Active bank robbery was not a casual police response, and these police officers were literally endangering their lives to help those who believed they were at risk.

“It’s irresponsible that these two individuals were more interested in increasing the number of followers on the Internet than the safety of police officers or the safety of innocent Uber drivers ordered from cars with guns. It’s reckless. “

Robbery “prank videos” are relatively common on YouTube and may include fake guns, balaclavas, and getaway cars.

A video, known as “swatting,” that involves falsely reporting a crime and calling the police to seduce a place has had fatal consequences in the past.

In February, 20-year-old Timothy Wilkes Shot dead in Nashville It is said that he participated in the “mischievous” robbery filmed on YouTube.