YouTuber with 2 million subscribers has been accused of sending a message to a 13-year-old fake in a sting operation

EDP ​​445chet Goldstein Pedophile

Video EDP445 (left) and Alex Rosen (right) YouTube / Chet Goldstein

YouTuber Bryant Moreland, known as EDP 445, appears to have been caught trying to meet a 13-year-old child in an online sting operation. Another YouTuber known for shooting these “stab wounds” has released a video. This seems to indicate that Moreland is exchanging inappropriate texts with a decoy pretending to be 13 years old.

Moreland has now removed all videos from the platform.

EDP ​​445An abbreviation of “eat datpu —“, it is a 30-year-old YouTuber who has posted 2 million subscribers since 2010. He became famous online as a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. Mukbang, And yell at the camera. He has appeared on Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0” many times.

According to the video, EDP445 sent an explicit message to someone who believed he was a minor

Monday, youtube channel Chet GoldsteinThe live-streamed chat log from what Rosen said, run by a man named Alex Rosen, was a conversation between the decoy Moreland and Sophie. This channel, known for its similar “stab wounds,” sets up online meetings with men who appear to be interacting with underage girls. Rosen also has a controversial online presence, posting other videos using racist language.

Rosen said he set up multiple fake Instagram profiles, including one of a 13-year-old girl, and sent a message to Moreland. With his confirmed account..

Rosen’s friend, Alexandra, disguised as another stab wound decoy, read through the message she said was shared between Moreland and a fake account. Alexandra also said in a two-hour live stream that Moreland sent explicit videos and photos that couldn’t be viewed due to YouTube’s policy on sexually explicit images.

According to the screenshot shown in the video, a conversation began on Instagram in February, when Moreland gave his decoy his personal number. According to the video, Moreland sent some sexual messages. The conversation ended with the two agreeing to meet.

The following Tuesday, the Chet Goldstein channel posted a one-hour video confronting Moreland.With Rosen YouTuber CC unit A person known for having stabbed his pedophile in California on YouTube, passing by a ghost, approached Moreland with a photo of his message.

In an interview with an insider, Ghost said, “I received a message from a supporter asking me to look into EDP to find out what I can do.” “He sent lots of graphics, photos, videos, and lots of things we knew we could nail him to.”

In the video, Moreland said he was fancy about a woman “under 16” and had talked to six other girls in the past. He also said the screenshots are from his message.

“Please let me know that I’m not a pedophile,” Moreland said, looking at the camera. “My mother didn’t raise a f — ing pedophile, I know what the screenshots say.”

The video ends with Moreland going to his car, as Rosen says he’s calling the Bakersfield Sheriff’s Office. “I followed up a few days later and left a message for the detective,” Rosen said.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office, which has jurisdiction over the case, did not confirm that the call had been made, but the detective told insiders in a statement: Research. “

“The video content is under investigation, but no arrests have been made at this time,” law enforcement officials told a local ABC-affiliated news station.

Moreland then deleted all videos on the main channel

Rosen’s video has been played over 1.9 million times since it was posted. penguinz0, PierceTheKid,and Rare Share their own video about it.

Moreland has not responded to any accusations or allegations, but posted an updated video on the second channel EDP445 2.0 on Friday, Delete all videos on his main channel, The day before being stabbed.

Moreland was previously accused of talking to a minor girl. YouTuber ColdRaven has created a series of videos that Moreland has sent a message to underage women on Instagram, accusing them of following, and posted screenshots of their interactions. ColdRaven also claimed that Moreland sent a sexually explicit message to the decoy, pretending to be a minor girl. ColdRaven did not return Insider’s request for further comment.

Moreland did not respond to insider comment requests.

“Predator Hunting” is a controversial media genre that has existed for years.

“Predator Hunting” is a fairly popular genre on YouTube, focusing on decoys pretending to be minors seeking to meet an adult before “catch” an arriving person.

Creator like Mike fox, POP squad, And Anxiety war Follow in the footsteps of Chris Hansen’s “To Catch Predators” and draw in hundreds of thousands of views with their stab wounds.Like Hansen’s show, these channels resulted in actual arrests-CC unit puncture wounds Court-martial of the Marine Corps in their 30s And that Arrest of teacher in Los Angeles..

“We chase minors and children and catch online predators who expose them online, sometimes leading to arrests and they are fired from work,” Ghost told insiders. “Our goal is to change the law and give these people more severe punishment.”

However, this genre is not widely admired. Prosecutors and police had previously warned that stabs made by civilians may not be able to produce evidence to stand up in court. Such stabs may also go wrong. Chris Hansen’s show faced criticism after shooting himself when a man faced police and camera crew as part of a puncture wound, According to the New York Times..

YouTube Community Guidelines Although the policy does not explicitly prohibit these channels, you can suspend or prohibit “harmful or dangerous activities involving minors” and “content that threatens individuals”.

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