Yukon liberals renew trust-and-supply deal to keep NDP in power

of Yukon liberal And the New Democrats extended the Trust and Supply Agreement, which Republican leaders say will improve housing, health care and education while advancing reconciliation and tackling climate change.

Prime Minister Ranji Pillai, who took over from Sandy Silver earlier this month, said the renewed agreement addresses the needs of all residents.

“Euconor has dealt with many challenges through the pandemic and hopes its elected leaders will work together to advance the territory.”

The original contract was signed in April 2021, liberal minority government after party allied with Yukon Eight seats for each party in territorial elections.

The agreement will take effect immediately and will remain in place until the 2025-2026 budget is passed or a general election is held.

“This agreement will help many Euconers,” NDP leader Kate White said at a press conference in Whitehorse on Tuesday. “My vision and hope is to make people’s lives better.” Bringing about real change.

“I am very proud of this agreement and the impact it will have on people.”

of liberal and the NDP have agreed on 33 initiatives.

“I think the overwhelming majority of Euconers, partisan politics aside, go to their doorstep at the end of the day and say, ‘Would you like to work for us?'” “It’s not happening a lot. It certainly hasn’t happened a lot in the last few decades, but it’s happened in the last two years and it’s happening now.”

Whitehorse said priorities include opening a new walk-in health clinic in Whitehorse, establishing a controlled alcohol program, paying for fertility treatment and surrogacy, and providing wellness counselors at schools. , raising child benefits and social assistance rates, and making public transport free in Whitehorse. , Prohibition of eviction without cause.

Other initiatives under the agreement are to allocate an additional $2 million to recruit and retain healthcare workers and add $5 million annually to renewable energy infrastructure under three budgets:

Under an earlier agreement that expired Tuesday, the government raised the territory’s minimum wage from $15.20 to $15.70 an hour and opened a monitored consumption site in Whitehorse.

opposition party Yukon Republicans have been critical of rent caps in previous agreements and said the link between rising home rents and local inflation would hurt rental owners.

The new contract keeps the inflation-linked rental limit increase, but sets it at a minimum of 2% and a maximum of 5%.

White said the cap was not intended to punish landlords, and said the liberal government was also committed to reviewing the territory’s residential landlord-tenancy laws.