Zelenskyy launches daily action request with Global Citizen

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has a rare new partner in a campaign to protect his country — Global Citizen, an international non-profit organization that fights extreme poverty.

Zelenskyy and Global Citizen announced on Sunday the first one that they hope to be a call for daily action for millions of members of nonprofits and their governments, businesses and philanthropic partners. The video message features Zelensky talking about the Ukrainian battle with Russia paired with steps that supporters provided by Global Citizen can help.

The first message of the President of Ukraine sought the help of the world to protect his country from what he said was an act of terrorism from Russia.of videoZelensky quoted Russia’s bombardment of Ukrainian cities and nuclear power plants.

Global Citizen said it wanted Unique partnership Encourage people to keep informed about humanitarian crises and how to respond to them. Zelenskyy’s video statement continues to be featured by media outlets around the world, but Global Citizen wanted to distribute his entire language, said group CEO Hugh Evans.

“We believe it’s important for people to be able to hear directly from the leaders who are most inspiring,” Evans said. “This is to create a regular rhythm and publish it simultaneously on all major technology platforms around the world so that the whole world can hear directly from the President of Ukraine.”

As mentioned in recent videos and interviews, Zelensky called on NATO to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine on Sunday, giving it air power to better defend itself, including fighters and missile defense systems. Requested each country to provide.

Evans said Global Citizen will publish a call for Zelensky’s military action, but will support them with humanitarian demands. Sunday’s message was accompanied by a call from Global Citizen members to ask the government to fund the United Nations for humanitarian assistance.

The United Nations said last week that it needed $ 1.7 billion to support aid efforts, saying that Ukraine’s 12 million and 4 million refugees could need help and protection in the coming months. I’m estimating.

“As a poverty alleviation organization, Global Citizen’s actions focus on humanitarian responses rather than military responses,” Evans said. “We are calling on governments and businesses to support the United Nations’ $ 1.7 billion emergency appeal.”

In the past, Evans’ group has hosted high-profile events such as the annual Global Citizen Live Festival, bringing billions of dollars of help from governments, businesses and philanthropists to combat poverty.

Global Citizen has no previous relationship with Zelensky, but has a partnership with the Ukrainian government and has been donating to educational programs since 2014. Evans is planning another grant this week. After Russia invaded Ukraine, Global Citizen contacted the government to see how it could help.

“We were inspired by what President Zelensky did to show his own courage and courage,” Evans said. “From a global citizen’s point of view, we have always had a clear mission to eradicate extreme poverty, and when such a huge humanitarian crisis occurs, we always do everything we can. I will try. “

This includes throwing support behind Zelenskyy.

“When the world faces such existential choice challenges, like the Ukrainian invasion, all I see is this kind of collective consciousness drawn to his courage and indomitable spirit. I think it is, “Evans said. Hope that many people feel completely helpless. “

Mr Evans said the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has caused many annoying problems. How NATO Avoids Direct Conflicts with Nuclear, Whether Sanctions are the Most Effective Way to Respond to Other Regions of the World, The Best Way to Respond to the 1.5 Million Humanitarian Crisis Refugees.

“No one is better at speaking than Zelensky himself, the man who leads the resistance,” Evans added.

Evans said there is a “great desire” among members of Global Citizen for what they can do to help.

“We hope that adding certain actions to President Zelensky’s daily action request will enable citizens, business leaders and, in some cases, policy makers to respond appropriately,” he said. ..

In a video call for action, Zelenskyy asked people around the world to consider how to respond to a city hospital, school, or residential area being attacked.

“What if terrorists completely destroy them with missiles, air raids and bombs, as is happening here in Ukraine?”


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