Zelenskyy says Russians are carrying cremation rooms to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday that he was carrying a mobile cremation room while Russian troops continued to attack the country.

“These men are carrying their cremation chambers for themselves,” Zelensky said at a press conference in Kyiv, where he said young Russian soldiers were being used as “cannon feed.” I mourned.

“It’s inhumane,” he said.

Zelenskyy said many Russians were believed to have died in the conflict so far, but he claimed that no one was tracking them.

According to the Pentagon, Russian President Vladimir Putin has gathered about 150,000 troops to support the conflict. Most are deployed.

“No one counts them. No one cares how many people will die from the bombardment,” Zelensky said.

“They knew in advance that they weren’t going to show their families and mothers what happened to their children and that they died here,” he continued. “They came here to kill us, and we are protecting our freedom and our home, and that’s why they’re dying. I don’t want to kill them. am.”

Eight days after the invasion began, social media people circulated graphic photos and videos of dead Russian soldiers. Apparently abandoned On the side of the road.

Previous telegram report Citing British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, it was hoped that a mobile crematorium would be used on the battlefield.

Putin promised Thursday that he would give the fallen soldier’s family 5 million rubles (about $ 50,000) in the New York Times. Said it was the first time Putin publicly admitted that the Russians died in the war.

Russian leaders also claimed that “special military operations in Ukraine” were “on schedule and exactly on schedule,” with a wide range of defenses that Ukrainians provided far stronger than expected. I tried to downplay the report. “

Russian Ministry of Defense on Wednesday announcement Nearly 500 soldiers were killed and another 1,600 were injured. Western estimates are fairly high.. Ukraine says the fighter killed more than 5,000 Russian troops. US officials told the New York Times that the number is close to 2,000.

Russia reportedly dominated Ukraine’s port city, Kherson, this week. This is the first major city to be hijacked.

But according to the Pentagon, and scattered Report, Russian troops are facing serious morale problems exacerbated by food shortages. According to the Pentagon, some Russian troops have hampered their military vehicles to avoid fighting the war, which Russian authorities have unfounded explanations for their mission to free the oppressed Ukrainians. I have a weapon.

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