Zelenskyy shares the latest information on Zelenskyy, stating that Ukrainian troops can “overcome” Russia’s attacks

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After the siege of Azovstal, Russia moves forward with Donbus

Story: Russia has declared victory in months of battle over Mariupol’s Avostal Steelworks, one step closer to its goal of dominating the Donbas region of Ukraine. The last Ukrainian army was trapped in Azovstal and surrendered on Friday (May 20). The ministry said it would end the bloodiest siege of the war. Ukrainian military generals, who were seen arriving by bus in the Russian-dominated town of Olenifka near Donetsk, did not comment on Russia’s claims in the morning update, while Moscow left the last Ukrainians. Launched what appears to be a large-scale attack to capture-a territory held in Luhansk, part of southeastern Donetsk. Russian-backed separatists had already ruled Swath on the territory before the invasion on February 24. Ukrainian military generals did not comment on Russia’s claims in the morning update Russia’s largest city ever occupied, the end of the battle at Mariupol, the main port of Donbus, is Russia’s Vladimir Putin Victory after a series of setbacks that give the president something unusual. Putin says Russian troops have embarked on a “special military operation” to demilitarize Ukraine and eliminate radical anti-Russian nationalists. Western nations call this a war of aggression, and Moscow will also stop gas exports to Finland on Saturday due to intensifying energy payment disputes with Western nations and pay gas in the ruble for Western sanctions. Rejected Russia’s request. This move will occur a few days after Finland and Sweden decide to apply for a NATO military alliance inspired by the Ukrainian war.