Zinc coffins used to transport soldiers’ corpses found in a garbage dump in Belgorod, Russia

Irina Balachuk — Sunday, October 30, 2022, 12:32

Locals in the Russian city of Belgorod have found zinc coffins in a dump, like those used to carry the bodies of Russian invaders who died in the war in Ukraine.

sauce: telegram channel bazaar

Quote from Baza: “Residents of Belgorod had complained to the police about some undertakers who disposed of zinc coffins in regular dumps. will be [as the Russian Federation calls the war in Ukraine – ed.].”

detail: According to Baza, some coffins, some complete with icons and packages [an old Slavic custom, which foresees that icons and small ‘burial kits’ are put into coffins before funerals]was dumped near some garages on Privolnaya Street.


A zinc coffin in a landfill in Belgorod, Russia


A coffin was noticed by a local resident when he brought his garbage to the dump. It was later found that this was arranged by a local funeral home.

Bodies of invaders who died in Ukraine are carried in zinc coffins, and their relatives buy wooden coffins for their funerals.


As of October 30, Total combat losses of Russian troops in Ukraine Equivalent to about 71,200 soldiers and thousands of military equipment.

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