Zoom is willing to settle the privacy class action for $85 million

A student takes online classes at home, with his companions, using the Zoom APP during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in El Masnou, north of Barcelona, ​​Spain April 2, 2020. REUTERS/Albert Gea

Albert Gea/Reuters

Zoom has previously been due to “Zoom bomb“(Zoombombing, the hacking behavior that ran into the Zoom meeting) and the class action lawsuit that got caught up, now finally has the following.according toReutersAccording to reports, Zoom has initially proposed to use US$85 million for settlement. At the same time, they also promised to strengthen security management and introduce measures such as third-party app usage alerts and enhanced privacy training for company employees. If the settlement is finally reached, subscribers participating in the class action will likely receive a settlement of 15% of the subscription fee or US$25, while other users may receive compensation of up to US$15. In addition, the attorney’s fees for this case may reach US$21.25 million.

However, according to Judge Gao Lanhui, based on the provisions of Article 230 of the US Communications Regulation Act, Zoom does not need to be liable for the “Zoom Bomb” in most cases, because this clause will protect the platform from users uploading content. In the official statement, Zoom also refused to admit that it was at fault, and emphasized that ensuring privacy and security is always their “first priority.”